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Please check our calendar for availability of the dates you would like to request. Please note we are currently booking 3 months in advance only.

Description/Space Specs

The Midnight Sun is essentially a small quirky DIY black box theater located in downtown Olympia. It is equipped with theatrical stage lighting and light board, a simple home-style stereo system, two free standing movable walls, tiered seating risers and stackable cushioned chairs for audience seating. There is one unisex bathroom, a small air conditioner, and an old, but functional boiler/radiator heating unit.
The stage or playing area measures approx. 18’x 27′.  Floor to ceiling 11′. Capacity 97 people without seating, 50 with audience seating chairs out.
The space can be transformed to fit the needs of a variety of performances and events.  Walls can be painted, sets can be erected, curtains can be hanged, and lighting can be altered, however the seating risers are in a permanent position and are unable to be moved.

Wheelchair Access

The main audience seating area is accessible and accommodating to wheelchair users. However, due to the old building, the bathroom is not. Most performances are less than an 90 minutes in length – often with an intermission.

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