The Midnight Sun was created in 1993 by a group of artists interested in creating a performance space in downtown Olympia. They transformed the former IT (Olympia Inner-City) bus office into small black box theater with the intention of producing their own artistic work and sharing the space with the Olympia community.

For many years after it’s opening it was operated by this group, with specific leadership provided by Barbara Zelano and Sky Myers.  During the this time It hosted local theater events as well as many up and coming contemporary music groups who performed to an all-ages crowds.

Over time, the Sun ownership passed from Zelano to a new theater company, Artesian Theatre Sightings lead by John Ficker and Judy Olgivie, who continued with the original mission of its creators. When ATS disolved in 2003 a new theater company came into existence called Prodigal Sun Productions – lead by Judy Olgivie, Tom Sanders, Marc Mixon, Maggie Mixon, and Elizabeth Lord, who took over operation of the Midnight Sun Performance Space. The    non-profit theater company Prodigal Sun Productions operated the space for ten years, 2003-2013.

Over the years the Midnight Sun has hosted events produced by Prodigal Sun Productions,  K Records, Northern,Theater Artists Olympia, Saint Martin’s University Theater Department, Olympia Family Theater, The Evergreen State College, The Heartsparkle Players, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, BigShowCity Performance Festival,The Lord Franzannian Royal Olympian Spectacular Vaudeville Show, South Puget Sound Theater Department, The Audition is Dead, The Alleged Theater Project, and numerous independent producers of live music.

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