On The Verge (-or The Geography of Yearning) by Eric Overmyer

8:00PM   FWEB_BUTTON_Buy Tickets Onlineebruary 12, 13, 18*, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27
2:30PM    February 28

$15 Admission / $12 Students & Seniors

The year is 1888.

Mary, Fanny, and Alexandra find themselves on the shores of Terra Incognita – the last unexplored, undiscovered… bit, as it were. Thus begins a journey taking them from their embarcadero to the icy home of the Yeti and beyond. The intrepid three are on an expedition like no other, traversing not only the physical but also metaphysical realms.

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Our “sister sojourners” are prepared for whatever adventures fortune sends them; neither cannibals nor Gorge Trolls faze them one whit. Once they find themselves unstuck in time, they land in a place beyond their wildest imaginings: 1955.

vergewebIn their review of On the Verge (–or the Geography of Yearning) the New York Times says:

“Blending Tom Stoppard’s limber linguistics with the historic overview of a Thornton Wilder, Mr. Overmyer takes his audience on a mirthful safari that leads from darkest Africa to Terra Incognita, spinning into time travel… has written a play that is joyfully pro-feminist.”

Boston’s Art Fuse says:

“The conceit of the play is fascinating, inviting us, as all first rate speculative or science fiction does, to see our past through different lenses.”

Bringing this tale of discovery to life is award-winning local director pug Bujeaud, with the on stage talents of a delightful and renowned cast including Heather R. Christopher, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Dana Galagan, and featuring Morgan Picton portraying all of the folk (both human and non-) encountered on the journey.

A romp though time and the ever-changing vernacular.
On the Verge is a play not to be missed!


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