Tartuffe (June 12-27, 2015)

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First staged in the late 1600’s, the play opened to much controversy and to the ire of the Catholic Church. 400 years later Moliere’s social commentary is still as sharp, funny, and as sexy as it ever was.

Tartuffe, an eccentric religious charlatan, has wheedled his way into the good graces of Orgon, much to the chagrin of his family. As Orgon’s devotion grows so does their dismay, finally reaching the breaking point. Elmire, Orgon’s wife, sets in motion a plan to entrap the phony zealot in his own lustful nature, and that’s just when the fun begins.

When Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe brought us her vision for Tartuffe we jumped at the idea. This is the first time TAO has attempted a restoration comedy, and considering it’s silly sexy nature- it is about time! TAO is proud to welcome Maggie to the TAO Collective!

In the tradition of Commedia dell’arte, the characters are larger than life and the situations even more so. In the tradition of TAO, expect the naughty factor to be embraced with abandon. The fast-paced and slightly modern take of the TAO Collective’s adaptation promises an evening of hilariously uncomfortable positions, obtuse husbands, outlandish situations all tied up with a bow of bright cotton candy colors. The cast – a who’s who of Olympia’s best and most audacious actors – are having a delightful time stepping into the (very fancy) shoes of some of classical theater’s most famous and outrageous roles.

The TAO Collective is proud to present an all new take on this classic that is as light as spun sugar, as quick as a flirtatious wink, bathed in pink champagne and all in rhyme!

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Orgon – Christian Carvajal
Elmire – Adriana Chavez
Tartuffe – Michael Christopher
Mme Pernelle – Heather R. Christopher
Dorine – Amanda Stevens
Marianne – Vanessa Postil
Valere – Xander Layden
Damis – Jesse Moore-Hendrickson
Cleante – Rick Pearlstein

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