The HEAD! That Wouldn’t DIE!! (December 4, 2014-January 3, 2015)


On a beautiful day in 1963, the brilliant intern Dr. Bill Cortner and his fiance, Jan, are involved in an auto accident, in which Jan is decapitated. Using his new experimental serum, Bill manages to keep Jan alive – albeit, as a head in a pan.

In a race against the clock Bill begins a search for the perfect body for his darling Jan. As Bill’s quest takes a dark turn, so do things in the lab. Jan is awake and her senses are heightened by the serum that is keeping her alive. Wishing for death’s release, Jan forges alliances with Dr. Cortner’s less successful experiments.

In a new adaptation by the TAO Collective of the classic B-movie The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, this all-original musical will tickle your funny bone, get your toes tapping and maybe give you a chill or two in the process.

Watch the video of Dead Man’s Curve!

“The Sun has been reconfigured. It’s now comfy and shockingly cozy. (Usually, it’s a dusty meat locker.) The video screen lit up. The cast emerged with absolute confidence. I chuckled within seconds, then laughed often and smiled throughout the rest of the show… Head! has the same campy, Syfy appeal as Rocky Horror; and in some ways, I like it even more. …It’s that good. It’s that funny, surprising, and warm, with nary a lick of Yuletide schmaltz. This is one of the year’s most enjoyable shows.”

– Christian Carvajal, The Weekly Volcano (Read Full Article Here)

“Suffice it to say this show is uproariously funny, and there is a lot of damn good music. …The entire cast is outstanding. Layden seems to have been born to play Bill Cortner. His outsized expressions and movements are comic gems, and Postil’s portrayal of Jan in the Pan is the best acting I’ve yet to see from her. Moore-Hendrickson is a …terrific singer and portrays the doctor’s assistant, Kurt with style. And there is Serembe …he flat-out blew me away. Finally, I must give props to whatever otherworldly creature is responsible for costumes and makeup… The entire cast and crew outdid themselves.”

– Alec Clayton, South Sound Arts blog (Read Full Review Here)

Directors Notes
I have been doing theater most of my life. The journey of The Head! that wouldn’t DIE” has been unique in my experience. The road has been stranger, harder and more delightful that I ever could have imagined. Note: Just because one has never written a musical (or even a song) before that’s no reason not to try, it brings all kinds of wonderful.

I cannot even begin to in all honesty, tap the multitude of people who have helped shape this production, though the months of workshops, putting together the soundtrack, the videography, etc. etc. etc… so many people deserve so many thanks. But space is limited. So here are just a few.

Thanks to:
Morgan Picton who was there at the beginning over whiskey and an original viewing of the movie on which this is based. It was Morgan who gave this production it’s take on “The Monster” and it’s wonderful song “Abilene.” His ideas, delightful turns of phrase and inestimable flair crop up throughout this production. Dude really, let me buy you a drink.

Michael Christopher, a true TAO-ist, Michael has devoted so many hours putting the Sun to rights,  designing not only Jan’s pan, but using that delightful brain of his to keep things flowing smoothly,  (Not to mention the troubleshooting of so many  little, and not so little, things that can go south during a production.) Seriously, you make it all look so easy.

Vanessa Postil, for wearing triple hats as actor, choreographer and vocal coach, she has so much talent in her “Little Head”.  Don’t let her quiet exterior fool you; she is a force of nature.

The Cast of Head!  never in all my years have I had such a fun group of actors to play with, (believe me that IS saying something.) They are troopers to the last, all funny, smart, tenacious, talented and PAITENT.  Okay guys, what do we get to do next?

My heartfelt thanks and love go out to Jacqui and Rocco, both for the design work, the practical builds, all the grunt work, for being so unflaggingly excited about this strange silly piece, and for keeping me on track.  They are both wonderful people in general, but what they have done during this production has been truly amazing. You my dears are the best of the best.

Finally to you, from all of us, thanks for coming. Now sit back, enjoy, forget all that is outside our door and just have some fun, because that at the end of this road it’s what we’re all really here for.

– pug