The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised] (October 9-26, 2014)


Directed by Chris Cantrell

Prepare yourself for a theatrical extravaganza, a thespian feat seldom seen before! Think of it, 37 (ish) plays, from 400 years ago performed in 97 minutes (or so), a virtual cast of hundreds brought to life by three brave men in tights! Duck and weave on this madcap journey through the canon of the bard’s immortal works. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (probably from laughing too hard) and dodge the occasional vomit as Scott Douglas, Dennis Worrell, and Patrick Gilmore bring to forth the power, the glory, the hilarity of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

“The redoubtable Scott Douglas, last enjoyed in Animal Fire Theatre’s Two Gentlemen of Verona, here braves the daunting role of … Scott Douglas. He purports to be a Shakespeare scholar but knows little more than what he found on Wikipedia. Dennis Worrell, so funny in TAO’s An Improbable Peck of Plays 3D last month, outdoes himself as Dennis Worrell, an actor struggling to keep his show together in the face of extended interruptions. His monologue at the end of Act I, a convincing portrayal of thespian terror, is a special delight. Then there’s Patrick Gilmore, a recent graduate of The Evergreen State College, who brings wide-eyed enthusiasm to the role of audience member Patrick Gilmore. The playwrights specifically invite companies performing the show to write and ad-lib new material, and I heard quite a bit of that. Most of it was wonderful. These are three very smart, funny people, and my wife and I enjoyed their work immensely.”

Christian Carvajal, The Weekly Volcano (read full article here)

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