The Credeaux Canvas art contest and rehearsal photos!

The Credeaux Canvas is well underway, and that means we need help decorating the set! This is a show about struggling artists, so we decided to recruit local artists. Please submit an original work of art on the theme of “Naked” to Theater Artists Olympia at

Remember, naked can mean a lot more than nude! Your artwork can be a drawing, painting, photograph, or photo of a sculpture, but its longest dimension may not exceed 18 inches. Each entrant may submit one piece. The deadline for submissions is 3 p.m., Tuesday, March 22.

Five submitted works will appear with full attribution at the Midnight Sun throughout the run of The Credeaux Canvas. The overall winning artist receives a gift basket full of art supplies courtesy of local Olympia art supply vendors. By entering this contest, you certify you’re the sole creator and owner of the submitted work. Judges include director Christian Carvajal, art critic Alec Clayton, and Credeaux master artist Owen Cummings. All artists retain full ownership of their respective pieces, so winning entrants may pick them up at the end of the run. Go ahead, friends. Bare your artistic soul, and show us your masterpiece!

In 1906, a French painter named Jean-Paul Credeaux created a series of nudes,twelve remarkable works he traded away for the sum of his gambling debts. Six months later, he was dead, and for over a century Credeaux was obscure, forgotten. That’s about to change. In five years, Credeaux will be famous, and each of his nudes will be worth millions of dollars. If you knew that–and could paint a fake Credeaux that would fool even the wariest art buyer–would you do it? If you were asked to pose nude for it, could you? Beginning March 25, secrets will be told. Three young lives will be changed. Steal a glimpse of The Credeaux Canvas…and discover the naked truth.

Starring Mark Alford, Alayna Chamberland, Amanda Stevens, and Christopher Rocco
Directed by Christian Carvajal

All performances at 8pm: Fri March 25 (opening night), Sat March 26, Thurs March 31 (Pay-What-It’s-Worth suggested donation night), Fri April 1, Sat April 2, Sun April 3, Fri April 8, and Sat April 9 (final performance, ACTOR BENEFIT night)

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