What does ‘Pay-What-It’s-Worth’ mean?


What is Pay-What-It’s-Worth?

Our  Pay What It’s Worth approach is about removing the financial risk entirely, rather than just removing financial barriers like a Pay-What-You-Can. If you are unfamiliar with our theater or with a show we are producing, going out and spending money can feel like a gamble. We want to take that out of the equation.

How does it work?

Never seen a TAO show? Come on down see what we do, that’s all we ask.

You come in sit down and see a show, after on your way out you can donate what you feel it was worth. It’s that simple. In addition, we feel this policy also helps open the doors wide to everyone:

-Pockets empty? We want to share the experience of theater with all and are grateful for you coming and sharing your time with us. If you loved the show please be our emissaries and share your experience with your friends, word of mouth is our best advertising and is priceless. So even without cash, you are giving back!

-Strapped for cash? Come on in watch the show and donate what you are able, then tell your friends.

-Have cash and loved the show? Then please be generous if you can! We believe what we do is of great value, and by supporting us you help us to continue doing  great theater  in this wonderful city.

-If the show is not your cup of tea?  Nothing ventured, thanks for giving us your time.  Hopefully you will come again with our next production and give us another shot.  What we do is diverse. (But we are pretty sure you will love what you see!)

That’s the idea behind Pay-What-It’s-Worth!

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