Coming Up At the Midnight Sun…

The first show of our SEASON 2016 opens *this* Friday, February 12!

On The Verge (-Or The Geography of Yearning) by Eric Overmyer

vergebillpromoThe year is 1888. Mary, Fanny, and Alexandra find themselves on the shores of Terra Incognita – the last unexplored, undiscovered… bit, as it were.

Thus begins a journey taking them from their embarcadero to the icy home of the Yeti and beyond. The intrepid three are on an expedition like no other, traversing not only the physical but also metaphysical realms.

Starring: Heather Christopher, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Dana Galagan, and Morgan Picton

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An insider note: Historically, our patrons usually wait until closer to opening to buy their tickets, our shows end up selling out, and people get turned away. Please consider procuring your tickets in advance by clicking on the ‘Buy Tickets Online’ button above. You can purchase your ticket online or reserve them to be held at will call.

This is a beautiful, unique project that our Theater Artists have been crafting together with limited resources and a lot of community volunteer help!

Thank you: pug Bujeaud, Jacqui Martin, Christopher Rocco, Heather R. Christopher, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Dana Galagan, Morgan Picton, Maddox Pratt, Brett Thompson, Michael Christopher, Jasmine Hargrove, Olivia Burlingame, Marko Bujeaud, Ethan Bujeaud, Olympia Little Theater, Olympia Family Theater, Harlequin Productions, The Washington Center for the Performing Arts, University of Puget Sound, Evan Hayes, Rebecca Rogers, Ricky German, Mishka Navarre, Mark Alford, Brian Hatcher, George Dougherty, Debbie Sampson, Sara Geiger and our Olympia TAO Collective community. 


Seven Ways To Get There by Bryan Willis and Dwayne Clark

directed by Pug Bujeaud

March 12, 2016        3:00PM

Click here for more information and cast descriptions.


Join us for the 2nd production of our SEASON 2016

The Credeaux Canvas by Keith Bunim

March 25 – April 9, 2016

directed by Christian Carvajal

In 1906, a French painter named Jean-Paul Credeaux created a series of nudes, twelve remarkable works he traded away for the sum of his gambling debts. Six months later, he was dead, and for over a centuryCredeaux was obscure, forgotten. That’s about to change. In five years, Credeauxwill be famous, and each of his nudes will be worth millions of dollars. If you knew that–and could paint a fake Credeaux that would fool even the wariest art buyer–would you do it? If you were asked to pose nude for it, could you? Beginning March 25, secrets will be told. Three young lives will be changed. Steal a glimpse of TheCredeauxCanvas…and discover the naked truth.

*This show contains nudity and adult situations.

Mark Alford, Alayna Chamberland, Amanda Stevens, and Christopher Rocco

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Olympia’s Annual One-Act Showcase


This year will mark the fifth annual incarnation of “An Improbable Peck of Plays” and to mark the occasion we’d like to something special. This is an official open call to all local playwrights interested in submitting: we would love to curate a collection of shows specially written to commemorate our half-decade mark, but with an added twist to keep it fun: the number five must play some prominent role in the script.

Take that idea for what you will. Let your imagination run with it and see what sort of odd and fantastic creations you can bring to life with that thought in mind. We can’t wait to see your talents at work and to begin shaping the next celebration of Olympia’s own special brand of theatrical gifts.

TO SUBMIT SCRIPTS AND/OR DIRECTOR REQUESTS, please for send an email to OR click here to fill out the form on our website!

Director and Play submissions for IPoP5 will be accepted through May 8, 2016
Selected participants will be notified by June 1, 2016.


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