The Midnight SunRaiser was a huge success!

Words from our Board President:

Brian Hatcher, TAO Board President


What a wonderful night! I cannot express enough my personal gratitude to all of you for putting in the extra work, giving it your all, loving what you do so much, and your willingness to give freely to our audience. Not only was last night a financial win, but it truly showed many in our community the level of passion, commitment and talent that is TAO. For that alone, last night was a success beyond success!
Thank you everyone for everything you do. Season 14 has started with a bang! This is bound to be the greatest season TAO has ever seen because of who we are!

The First Annual Midnight SunRaiser: A Benefit for the Betterment of the Midnight Performance Space was a ROCKING, special, warm, and loving event that went better than we could have ever hoped. Not only did we make enough for January rent, but we also are now able to complete our soundtrack for The HEAD! That Wouldn’t DIE!!


Thank you to: Dennis Worrell, Alayna Chamberland, Morgan Picton, Bananas Foster, Elizabeth Lord, Christopher Rocco, Jacqui Martin, Vanessa Postil, Rick Pearlstein, Karl Welty, Wendy Hendrickson, Cheryl Hooper, Louis Van Camp, Ethan Bujeaud, Heather Christopher, Xander Layden, Jesse Moore-Hendrickson, John Serembe, Maxwell Schilling,  Marko Bujeaud, Ethan Bujeaud, pug Bujeaud, George Dougherty, Debbie Sampson, Brian Hatcher, Sara Geiger, Michael Chrisopher, Christian Doyle, John Manini, Jessie Jackson, AND EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO SEE THIS AMAZING MONSTER MADE OF LOVE!

We will have CAST RECORDINGS to pre-order soon, so check back for that!


COMING UP: SEASON 2016! Click here to learn more


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Join us for another night of CULT CLASSICS where YOU get to vote on the flick we watch – you can even bring your own favorite to throw in the hat!
Suggestion Donations welcome at the door, no one is turned away.

Click here to read more about our Movie Junkies movie nights at the Midnight Sun Performance Space!


Our Aural Celebration Series Words, Words, Words continues on March 5 & 6 with selected readings of GRIMM’S FAIRY TALES!

Doors open at 7:30pm, curtain at 8pm. Tickets are $10 suggested donation (no one turned away)

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