The Midnight SunRaiser is TOMORROW!

We have been rehearsing all week for the First Annual Midnight SunRaiser tomorrow night!

Wendy Hendrickson on drums, Louis Van Camp on guitar and Cheryl Hooper on bass

In this live incarnation we have put together musical pieces to form a NEW Body! Wendy Hendrickson (drums) and Cheryl Cooper (bass) will be returning to The Body AND we have brought on guitar wizard Louis Van Camp for our rockabilly sound, who is the lead guitarist of local rhythm-roots-rock band The Blue Laces (they have a show on Jan 29 at the Oly Underground!)


Dennis Worrell and Alayna Chamberland

Hosts Dennis Worrell and Alayna Chamberland are both TAO Collective members who have graced the “stage” of the Midnight Sun in many past productions. Worrell (performing with TAO since 2005) most recently was part of TAO’s 2014 production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] (directed by Chris Cantrell)whilst Chamberland was last seen in 2015 in the HEAD! That Wouldn’t DIE!! REDUX and will be baring all in TAO’s upcoming production of The Credeaux Canvas (directed by Christian Carvajal).


Elizabeth Lord, Morgan Picton and Bananas Foster

Local legend Elizabeth Lord will be using her famous Storytelling skills to talk about the Midnight Sun Performance Space. Lord handed over stewardship of the Sun to TAO in early 2014 after having been the caretaker and manager for 10 years. We can’t wait to hear her story!

Morgan Picton, Olympia’s man-about-town is bringing his hilarious Stand-Up Comedy talents that are sure to raise the Sun in laughter if nothing else.

Banana’s Foster, fresh from Lord Franzannian’s Royal Olympian Spectacular Vaudeville Show, is concocting a brand new routine just for this very special occasion! Now, it is a surprise, however we will reveal one little detail to entice you: LL COOL J (really, need we say more?)


HEAD C&C_Crop From left: (top) Christopher Rocco, George Dougherty, Thomas Neely, Ethan Bujeaud, Sophie Parody, Vanessa Postil, Xander Layden, Heather R. Christopher, John Serembe, Wendy Hendrickson, Jesse Moore-Hendrickson (bottom) Max Schilling, Alayna Chamberland, Jacqui Martin, Michael Christopher

The cast of the HEAD! is so excited to present selected tracks sung live with the Body. And this time around, everyone gets to keep all of their body parts intact!


100% of the proceeds from this benefit goes into maintaining the Midnight Sun Performance Space.


Get your tickets in advance:   Can’t make it? Don’t worry! You can donate following the same link!

Call to reserve tickets to be purchased at the door: (360) 259-5179

Email to reserve tickets to be purchased at the door:


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