Help us make a cast recording of the HEAD! That Wouldn’t DIE!! REDUX!

The HEAD! That Wouldn’t DIE!! is an original musical by Theater Artists Olympia based on the 1963 film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

Over the span of 2 years, our cast and crew have created, developed and produced this Hit-Show featuring B-Rated Horror set to a rockabilly beat. Plunged in the vein of small fringe shows that went onto something big, this locally produced smash hit needs your help to create a cast-recorded Soundtrack! 

We are using the help of GOFUNDME to accomplish this goal!

We have high hopes for this show so get in on this now because who knows where the HEAD will go!

You’ve seen the show, you love the show, the tunes are in your head! Now you can take them home with you…after it has been put to bed.

Here’s the plan: We need approximately $2,000 to produce the high quality soundtrack that you deserve.

Here’s how YOU can help:  Help us with the costs of producition! Or, share this link with a FRIEND who can!

Here’s what YOU get in return: A digital copy of the completed soundtrack and a little bit of Olympia theater history wrapped up with love from Theater Artists Olympia.

Thank you for your love and support of Theater Artists Olympia!

 The HEAD! That Wouldn’t DIE!! REDUX runs until Oct 30 – CLICK HERE to get your tickets now!


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